dj 3rdeye mix tapes past


mutate to survive series vol 2

bushy’s are thing,cat skills.
my philosophy, krs1.
can i kick it, tribe called quest.
throw your hands up,crooklyn.
straight out the jungle,jungle brothers.
queremos paz, gotan.
who got the funk dj trax.
musipal,wagon christ.
cantamilla,tranquility bass.
shall we dance, power of suggestion.
why is that,krs1.
funk breaks various…



dj 3rdeye in the mix vol 3 eviloution

mutate to survive series vol 3

a little bit of something,tommy guerro.
cumulo nimbus,kinobe.
bend over, wagon christ.
back in time,dj trax.
ordinary people, harmonic 33.
cantamilla,tranquility bass.
epoca,gotan project.
central heating,grand central.
bobby hues experience.
dusty springfield,spooky

mutate to survive series vol 4

mutate to survive series vol 5 brain enema

mutate to survive series vol 6 sexy beast

01_mix7 1 of a kind

Intro – sin city
1. marc rae j walk
2. gangstar total chaos
3. herbaliser moon sequence
4. grand central how sweet it is
5. ant len instrumental
6. high and mighty mind,body soul
7. quanum concentration
8.hi fedelity funky for you
9.quanum one of a kind
10. hexstatic chase me
11. public enemy cant do nuttin for you
12. hi fedelity roll call
13. introloper your the one
14. hexstatic
15. adventure time sandy shore

mutate to survive series vol 8 make your mark

vol 9 bum up the town

Tarzan vs 3rdeye intro,raided from the lost ark.
1.gunshot nice up the dance,
2.wise guys casino,
3.kinobe moonlight and mescaline.
4.wawan nightmare.
5.deliverance duelling bongos.
6.mos deff.
7.harmonic 33,were have they gone.
8.hairy diamond,giving up.
9.lindalyndell,what a man.
10.fatback band got to learn how to dance.
11. stevie wonder to high,
12 fernando arbex woman.
13. ive been watching you. rossi.
15 the harder they come.shanti town.
16. chase the devil.

mts 10 following through

Excallibur intro
1. telephone girl
2.the big pay back mr james brown of the rising funk
4.walk this way
5.del the funky home
6 dj shadow
7.aim just passing through
8.jadel self cupid smil making music
11.grand central porquoi
12.pom pom
13. bob marley
14.make it reggae

bonus reggae mash up the dance

01 – funk – fantastick





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